Mary Ann Carman 
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News and Events
Spring is in the air. I'll be at North Ranch Craft Fair on April 7th from 9am to 2pm. Come check out my new books and the other wonderful crafts available. You don't want to miss this.

​I gave a presentation at The Society of Southwestern Authors January brunch last year. It was great! 
My topic is Writing Across Genres. It proved to be very interesting, and I may do it again as a workshop!

Be sure to check out the Tucson Self Publishing Expo in September 22, 2018. 
Tickets not ready yet, but keep a watch on this site! You don't miss this fabulous event!                                                                                        Writing a book can improve your insight into many aspects of your life not to mention help your                                                      business grow.

Come see me and listen to some exceptional speakers who will help to guide you in your 
pursuit of publication.